Metalwork Specialists

As the company name suggests we are primarily metal airframe specialists but this can be divided into several categories.

The company, as stated in the company history holds the CAA approval - BCAR A8-2.A2 for manufacturing which gives the authority, where appropriate, to release to that approval although full release is not and, under present rules, will never be possible for the old Warbirds. This situation arises because there are no longer any design approval holders left to officially sanction design changes for modern materials, etc.

The company procedures are geared to a uniform standard to cover the approval and therefore can supply its own Certificates of Quality Assurance based on those standards.

LoftingThe company holds a vast array of pattern parts from many vintage warbirds, together with considerable numbers of original drawings and repair and maintenance manuals. This together with the experience, skill and expertise of the workforce it can research, redraw, retool and manufacture or repair most any metal part for these aeroplanes.

Wheeled componentsWithin the workforce the company has the skills for redrawing of pattern parts, where the originals are unobtainable, and also for tooling for the many varied shapes required. Also available are the skills for sheet metal forming including the "black art" of wheeling so often needed for cowling skins, etc.

The company also has good working links with many other companies for specialised processes such as heat treatments of both aluminium and steels and protective treatments such as anodising and cadmium plating.