The history of Airframe Assemblies

The formation of the company took place in the mid 1980's on the Isle of Wight but to qualify this we have to go back a few years.

The founder of the company and presently the Managing Director is Steve Vizard, whose interest in aircraft, especially old Warbirds, was formed as a boy living in Kent where there were many wartime crash sites. He soon became an avid collector of memorabilia and crash wreckage.

Later in life he was contacted by another collector with a view to doing "swaps", this led to him becoming involved with that company where he learnt the business.

Skilled workforceNow being in the "business" he met various other like minded people and soon realised that there was a potential "niche market" for the manufacture of replacement airframe parts. This then brought him to the Isle of Wight to form a partnership with another "Warbird" restorer and to tap into the wealth of skilled labour available but soon decided to go it alone and Airframe Assemblies was born in 1985.

The company has grown from being in one small rented unit employing just three people to having its own site and a workforce of 12 with others that can be called upon when big projects come on line.

The company has held since 1994 the CAA approval, BCAR A8-2, A2 for manufacturing and is believed to be the only company holding this approval which specialises in this type of work.