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Probably the majority of our work has been in the restoration and rebirth of Spitfires of all marks, but we have also become expert in the rebuild of Hawker Hurricane and biplane (Demon, etc) wings and Messerschmitt 109 (especially the E-Emil) complete airframes.

In addition to this we have a capability list of some 30 other aircraft for which we have manufactured or repaired parts but this is by no means definitive as we have as yet to find an airframe part we cannot produce.

Spitfire Wing Spar BoomOne of the areas the company specialises is the manufacture of Spitfire wing main spar booms and are at present the only company with a CAA approved procedure for the manufacture and release of these parts.

The company's capability is not just confined to warbird parts as, as the CAA approval allows, we can make parts of all sizes for modern aircraft as well, and have done so for a number of different types, including the complete manufacture of a fire drenching system to fit DHC Caribou and an oiling spillage fighting system for a CASA 212, both of these requiring the fitment of considerable size tanks.

The company was the only one able to produce replacement parts for the airframe of a Partenavia P68C, which had been grounded for sixteen months through unavailability of replacement parts. This was possible due to links with a design approved company who was able to ratify and oversee the modifications, suggested by the company, through to acceptance by the CAA.