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During the past years AA has been heavily involved with Craig Charleston and Supermarine of California in the rebirth of the Messerschmitt Bf109E with the rebuild of 2 such aircraft - Werk Nos 1342 and 3579, the latter known to have been flown in the Battle of Britain by Hans Joachim Marseille - later known as the "Star of Africa" with JG27.

Instrument panelsThe Company dealt with a substantial amount of airframe work for these aircraft and the majority of the detail parts for the remainder, including instrument panels. To date AA has built 4 complete fuselage cones together with a further 3 sets of stretch formed fuselage skins which are manufactured using the original German methods.

This work was not confined to just fuselage but also included all the flying surfaces with the main planes being the major factor.

Much of the original wing structure from Werk No 3579 was reused and being in such excellent condition was used to produce all the tooling required for future work.

The picture below shows Wk No 3579 wings in rebuild.