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AA has produced a great diversity of parts supplied to a varied range of customers. From the long-standing association with Guy Black's "Aero Vintage Limited", who have been supplied with many detail parts especially for its various Hawker Biplane projects to the array of parts supplied to the BBMF for their various aircraft.
Ammunition Track

See above is an example of that work - being the supply of a complete set of ammunition track for the rear gun turret of the Lancaster - PA474, City of Lincoln.

Another significant product range has been the manufacture of "Wheeled" panel skins to produce the compound curves needed especially for engine cowlings, such as the two example shown here. Engine Cowling
Wheeled components

Spitfire Mk. Vb - AB910 belonging to the BBMF (above).

Custom cowling set for Reno Racer (left).

Spitfire Wing Ribs