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The majority of Airframe Assemblies work in the past has been based around the Spitfire (most Mk's) for which parts have been produced for 43 different aircraft including all the aircraft of the "Battle of Britain Flight" (BBMF) and probably the best known, MH434, owned by the "Old Flying Machine Company". The wings of this aircraft were completely stripped, resparred and rebuilt after 50 years of continuous use to hopefully let it fly for another 50 years.

Recently completed Trainer IX fuselage - this was converted from a single seat Mark IX, the first to be rebuilt in this way since 1948, using the original Vickers T9 drawings.
Trainer IX Fuselage
This is only one of several such major wing rebuild / repairs that AA has carried out, other examples being MK732 of the Dutch Airforce and the privately owned Tr9 (PV202). AA has also been instrumental in fitting wing fuel tank mod kits in the gun bays and the "Nick Grace Wet Wing" modification.
Nick Grace Wet Wing

Spitfire Tailfin

The Company now has the use of 3 Spitfire fuselage jigs which has increased its capability to enable it to build / rebuild the complete airframe, including all moving surfaces and tailfin, and the first to benefit from this is TA805 MkIX.

Within the past year the Company has received three new Spitfire restoration projects. These being RR232 which is a Mk IX, SM520 a T9 trainer and a Mk XIV. As for the future there are more Spitfire projects in the pipeline and interest seems to grow daily, not only in this particular classic but many other types as well.